Invest in yourself

2015-12-21 08.32.16

Quick question: What’s your biggest investment?

Is it your house? Is it your car? Is it your secret stash of online courses? (oops, that’s mine)

One of the greatest pieces of investment advice I’ve heard is to always: Invest in yourself.
(and since it’s been said by none other than Mr Warren Buffett, the investment guru himself, it MUST be right)

What exactly does that mean?

To me, that almost always means: growing out of my comfort zone (in a good way, of course).

While life already has an interesting way of doing that, I find that the returns of consistently challenging my boundaries and investing in myself has always led to an incredibly intangible yet undoubtedly high rate of return…

and the best part? It keeps getting better and better.

(literally, all returns are reinvested back into me as an entity and I don’t ever want to stop investing in myself)

Recently, my latest self-investment has been to sign up for two years of Singapore Tatler due to an awesome promo code at Magzter, the online magazine app: BUY1GET1FREE at the price of US$20.

For that, I get a real-deal, no-holds-barred insight to the lives of the rich and famous and guess what? I do feel really elevated and highly inspired to take steps towards becoming as baller  financially unrestricted as them (sans the funny costume parties, that I would not enjoy one bit of course).

Another real treat from the subscription has been getting invitations to fancy launches and events such as the one below (courtesy of Sg Tatler)sgtatler
Doesn’t that sound exciting? 🙂 Now off I go to seriously revamp and reconsider my wardrobe.

That said, what’s one investment you’re making in yourself today?

Live long and prosper,


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