How Life Taught Me Health Is Wealth

Dear reader,

Happy New Year 2018!🎆

Hope the first few days of the week has been kind.☺️

Have you started on your new year’s resolutions? (Have you already broken them?😜)

I spent my weekend thoroughly enjoying myself reading the various annual reviews of Singapore’s leading financial bloggers.📚

Some were personal, some were detailed, some noted key milestones and some highlighted things to look forward to in 2018.🧐

My own 2017 has been truly amazing – one of the best years of my life yet.

(hey, I started this blog, didn’t I?)

I thought about sharing my updated net-worth (absolutely positive, thank you👍),

about the huge financial lessons I’d learnt (mainly, the fact that I’ve still SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN😳)

and about how to grow the blog this 2018 (should I write a book too?📖)

It took a little quiet time for me to realize what I wanted this blog to become.

Simply that my writings could help people find purpose in life and live financially free.

Simply that my readers saw value in what I wrote and found something useful to apply in their own lives.

Simply that through reading a simple blog,

Things change (for the better, of course).

Btw, most financial bloggers have the same altruistic intentions, if you haven’t paid to read their sites at this point.

Also, you’re welcome.

If that’s the case, how do things change?

Well, they always do.

Change is a constant, after all.

How do things change? That’s different.

Two ways, I’d say.

Either YOU change,

or you’re FORCED to change.

The realization, interestingly, came to me while I was being wheeled into an airplane on a wheelchair – too weak to stand from severe food poisoning and a sprained ankle whilst overseas. Quite the place for inspiration huh?

It turned out to be a rather humbling and sobering experience too.

From being a normally fit, healthy and active individual, I was unable to eat (traumatized at the sight of buffets), was in constant nausea and pain from repeated vomiting and diarrhea, and was semi-conscious for days. It was bad. On the bright side, I met many kind souls and lost 3kg.😬

It really hit me how life can truly be fragile at times and of how over-confidently I’d viewed life, as if everything could be controlled within my grasp.

But life does not work like that.

Sometime it throws us curveballs – unexpected events and affairs that can leave us wondering how on earth things could have gotten so bad and whether it could get any worse (it can).

If there’s one takeaway I had from this rather harrowing, near-death experience (it felt like that!), it would be that:

If we let it, it teaches us to be better people.

It taught me that small acts of kindness can mean so much to a person in sickness and pain.

It taught me that the little things in life (like eating or standing or even being able to think straight!) could be tricky to an incapacitated soul.

And it taught me that of all the things to lead a rich life, the most important were things money couldn’t buy.💵

(In my case, maybe not medicine, but say having loved ones around you monitor your condition, a good doctor and great health can be priceless!👍)

On a finance-related note, invest in a decent travel insurance provider before flying! Thank goodness I paid S$40 for a travel insurance package with FWD for two pax (this is an unsponsored post) and the claims process has been simple and straightforward thus far – will update when I get the medical expense claim of S$35!

A word of caution: there are some travel insurance providers who insist you translate the entire receipt from the native country’s language into English before they deem it worthy to process your claims. I’m looking at you, low-cost major insurance company linked to a tripartite and starting with an N *gives evil eye*

With this lesson I’ve learnt, may you pick up one or two tidbits to chew on as you go about your daily life! Food for thought?💭

And as always! ❤️

Live long and prosper,Lynn


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