Hi there!

My name is Lynn and

My dream? To help build a world where everyone can be financially free.

I grew up in a Toa Payoh HDB flat as a child and often wondered why many elderly folks around the mature estate seemed quite poor, living in one-room flats and buying only bare necessities, mentally or physically ill to the point of needing a helper or wheelchair, or had to work menial jobs to continue earning a living e.g. clearing tables at food-courts or collecting cardboard boxes.

It didn’t seem the best way to live out one’s golden years.

After graduating with a Finance degree from the Singapore Management University and now as a teacher of accounting and business, I help others manage, grow and invest their earnings to build strong financial portfolios to weather life’s storms ahead.

That said, money is important – but it isn’t everything too!

I also believe it is important to spend one’s time wisely on things that truly matter.

Hence, my writings here on ‘personal finance’ – managing one’s resources by budgeting, investing and planning for a YOLO* life that truly matters.

Need some advice on money matters?

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Otherwise, I post my money musings in this blog,

happy reading!

Let’s live financially free 🙂

Live long and prosper,


*#yolo: ‘You Only Live Once’ catchphrase